Friday, 6 February 2009

The iPhone vs. Nokia N95 Debate -- There Should be No Debate

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I’m a marketing consultant and an ‘early adopter’ of tech gadgets. I have to agree there’s no point comparing the two devices as they fulfill two very different needs.

The N95 is a ‘category killer’, it shames every other PDA and smartphone out there by bringing an unprecedented wide range of fairly functional features to a single device. All those utilities suck juice, so yes, as we don’t want to carry a pro-videographer’s battery belt with us, N95 users need to carry a spare battery. (I bought an oversized belt pouch that fits the back-up battery and my Jabra earpiece — never have had a serious ‘out of juice’ moment due to the back-up.)

The biggest thing holding up the introduction of things like LBS (location based services leveraging both triangulation and GPS) and more functional (better user interface) apps for mobile in general is the fact that smart phones only have about 12% of the market, and those users are generally business people using BlackBerries (and RIM’s competitors) for email accesss.

Until MANY more average consumers are using smartphones, the pressure to develop technology to take full advantage of them isn’t there, hence the industry NEEDS a simple to use, THRILLING tool to make smartphones cool and popular — enter the iPhone. Well done Apple, and RIM, Palm, Nokia, etc. should be applauding them loudly!

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