Friday, 6 February 2009

Social Marketing Success is Guaranteed IF Your App Adds Value!

Comment on re: Five Ways to Fix the Paradox of Interactive Marketing

Both of these takes on '5 key tips for not killing the golden goose of new media' are right, but I think Matthew, in a comment on yesterday's post, identified the core issue that applies to marketing on ALL media for the future (IF you are a scrupulous, non-spam-minded marketer, that is), it's all about 'add value'.

I think clients and agencies need to look at each other across the table and ask a simple, non-negotiable criteria question: How does what we're about to unleash on the consumer add value? If it doesn't, don't do it. Instead, put your 'innovation thinking caps' back on until you come up with an idea that does. Even P&G, a company renown for coming up with solutions for things that weren't problems, then hammering away with endless repetition to push these new products, is working hard at adding value and open dialogue with consumers today.

Sure, it makes for a lot more work, but the most inventive will survive: different always beats better!

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