Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Ad Industry's Holy Grail, Part 2

What I explained in a presentation to Ogilvy and Mather about a year ago about the fact that the Holy Grail of our industry, FULLY addressable advertising, is already here and ready to work, but no one, anywhere, has tried it.

The key points to initiate fully addressable advertising are:

1. Smartphone ubiquity.
2. Millennials being open to being behaviourally and LBS targeted.
3. Someone actually trying an web-based, mobile-linked experiment with it.

Today this:
What If Gen Y Wants to Be Behaviorally Targeted?
3 Minute Ad Age: March 5, 2009
Produced by Hoag Levins

Are Gen Y-ers really different from the rest of us when it comes to online privacy?

NEW YORK ( -- Talk of restricting behavioral-targeting practices is heavy in the air these days. But what if Generation Y -- the first demographic to grow up totally immersed in the digital life -- actually wants to be behaviorally targeted by marketers? Speaking at the recent OMMA Behavioral conference, Forrester Research's Emily Riley made a strong case for this idea. She even suggests the creation of a web portal that would enable Gen Y-ers to post their wants in an organized manner -- so appropriate marketers could more quickly and efficiently respond to them."
Let's see who jumps on this TRILLION DOLLAR revenue stream first!
For a more detailed post re: the holy grail: The Ad Industry's Holy Grail, Part 1

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