Thursday, 9 April 2009

Banging the Drum for a Single Media Tactic Like "Social" Will NOT Make Any Campaign Successful

Comment to Ad Age article: What Orangutans Taught Simon Clift of Unilever About Social Media

Interestingly, on the same page as this article is another about Obama's campaign media lead, Joe Rospars, who points out that the campaign succeeded NOT through online/social marketing efforts, but the strength of combining them with traditional ATL. The point is that media spending is shifting in the wake of experimentation and positive-looking results. Where the most effective efforts are coming from is campaigns that enable/encourage human beings to do what they like most -- interacting with each other.

People just simply LIKE the experience of being social and being face-to-face. What THIS suggests is that the most effective, impactful marketing we could possibly ever come up with would be to put buyers directly in front of sellers in the flesh, like in the marketplaces of old. We have a name for this type of marketing effort, it's called experiential marketing (XM) and it will become the new ATL, married with interactive/social efforts.

Focusing solely on one or the other of these 'new media' is not the point -- ensuring every campaign is leveraging a combo of them is the key to success, like Obama's campaign managers did.

For a better take on this see my earlier post: "The New ATL".

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