Monday, 6 April 2009

The Experiential/Event Marketing Tsunami

Comment to a Jack Morton blog post by Matt Jones: We haven't really changed that much

Wow! Very eloquently put, Matt. The experiential marketing tsunami is coming, and it's actually happening right now, a sleeper-groundswell going on under our feet. The wave is going to break soon due to this economic re-set as it will precipitate a shift back to traditional values: savings instead of over-leveraged gambles in real estate and stocks. With the latter, I believe we're going to see consumers demanding what they always wanted, face-to-face communication between buyers and sellers. A marriage between interactive and XM will give people what they are most engaged by, and appreciate most, human interaction at its most fundamental level, a connection, a relationship that starts with a passionate advocate in a branded T-shirt and continues via smartphone communication and an ongoing dialogue.

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