Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Do Most Marketers 'Get' How Social Marketing Works?

Comment to AdAge.com article by Emma Hall:  How to Get the Most Out of Social Networks and Not Annoy Users

The key point here is, as usual: "too often... advertising on social networks is still a traditional interruptive approach where brands are piggybacking on content that people value." As long as unimaginative 'hangers-on' simply demand "I want some of that" and slap the old push model (what they understand best) onto a brand new medium they'll hasten the demise of an interesting new social experiment.

As with every medium, there's the opportunity to leverage 'social' for marketing purposes, but what we're seeing now is the blind desperation to maximize 'reach & frequency,' while ignoring the key tenet of Obama's campaign success, "micro-targeting". If your social tactic is engaging, relevant to your brand and is truly interesting, it will need to hit no more than the few potential ambassadors who are both really interested AND are prolific communicators. If it does you'll see ROI. If, on the other hand, you are thinking like a push-marketing dinosaur and try to give the social tactic mass appeal, you're going down, brother, and helping to take the medium with you.

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