Monday, 6 April 2009

One Fix for the Broken Ad Agency Business Model

Comment to an AdAge post: A Cheaper Agency Pricing Model

Oooo! I LIKE Craig Cooper's take on things!
"Here's a crazy idea: why not get paid for strategic and creative thinking?"
As a Saatchi guy who tried to sell P&G on a bunch of breakthrough strategic ideas back in the late 90's like "Tide, now with the amazing scent of Downy" (they told me they'd never dilute TWO brands' equities that way) I have to say that this concept should be a part of the new ad agency business model.

This is a marketing 'ice age' -- a bunch of traditional agency business model tactics are going to have to die in order for fresh new, sustainable tactics to evolve. London Advertising is just one maverick thinking differently and abandoning dinosaur practices. Good on them!

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