Sunday, 12 April 2009

"Throwing Sheep" Indeed

Comment to Tara Hunt's blog entry: More on Throwing Sheep

Tara, I like your use of odd analogies! "Throwing sheep" is all about human social engagement, of course, and it is what the guys were getting at in chapter 4 of "The Cluetrain Manifesto" back in 2001 (, "Markets are Conversations". Somewhere in the transition from the barter market in the town square to 'marketing', marketers forgot that human beings are social animals who crave and perform best (most do, at any rate) in face-to-face interactions, or at least in involving, interactive, communal ways.

You are absolutely right, Tara, that everyone in business, small or large, forgets this at their peril. As the guys pointed out in comments to your last post, SMB may not be able to afford to build interaction tools into their businesses at the moment, but the cost of tools will come down as more people like you and your firm 'get' that there's a need and begin to push for the development of off-the-shelf solutions.

I believe that 'experiences' are going to take over as "the new ATL" ( and that the marriage of XM with social and interactive marketing, spurred to evolve more quickly due to this economic/cultural readjustment, this marketing ice age, is going to be the fundamental platform for all successful marketing efforts in the near future.

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