Friday, 11 September 2009

Aha! An "Emerging Marketing Quiz" on Some Insights that Might Matter

  1. “Social Media” + “Marketing” doesn’t work. What established MarCom specialty does fit “social”? Everything that the self-styled 'Social Media' gurus recommend are public relations, NOT advertising, or even marketing efforts, and there's a distinct difference between the disciplines for a good reason.  PR has always been about "pull" marketing, "push" died the day 'the internets' when 'viral'.
  2. The WWW brought about the death of repetition in advertising. Which major marketer has figured this out? Apple: cheaply produced ads, in a large variety of timely new messages, running on every possible channel, with engaging characters, at very low frequency.
  3. How is Procter and Gamble, in trying to cut costs, helping to kill creativity at their 'creativity suppliers'? By pushing for margin transparency and very low production budgets, as they already did with their ad agencies, Procter is preventing the opportunity for the truly brilliant producers and directors from making really big bucks. The result? (link to post:)  Those creative entrepreneurs leave those businesses seeking others where they can make 'real' money.
  4. The telephone was the third major technological ‘social medium’. What were the first two? The first was (link to post:)  the evolution of our ability to make images/symbols to communicate visually, the second was the printing press.  We're likely to see a lot more in the coming years.
  5. What is Twitter, really? How would you sum up its REAL usefulness? (link to post:) Twitter is simply an instant, INTERACTIVE news service -- global, public, 24/7, searchable and both mobile and Internet accessible. (It's NOT a source for hearing what people are having for lunch!)
  6. Empowerment of consumers is forcing radical adaptation on ad agencies. What will they have to become? They are going to have to change their focus from creating clever advertising to creating clever marketing solutions -- new business models for clients' products, new products, leading change, not simply leading 'edginess'. (link to post:) From being ad agencies, to being "Marketing Agencies" and true client partners, right down to revenue sharing agreements.
  7. What is Facebook’s real long-term value for youth versus adults? What’s it good for, really? For young people it is an instant, one-stop multi-media destination to be socially connected and increasingly is becoming their chief source of news, like a junior CNN. (link to post:) For adults its simply a good way to stay in touch with long-lost acquaintances.
  8. What’s the 3 word name for marketing’s ‘Holy Grail’? Hint: it’s here but no one’s switched it on yet: "FULLY Addressable Advertising."  The growing proliferation of smartphones and the willingness of today's teens both (link to post:) to forego privacy concerns and experiment, plus their demand for instant gratification, means that FULLY addressable advertising could be initiated today, if someone just (link to post:) built the webservice to do it and invited teens to try it.
  9. What’s the future of Twitter content? What will continue and what will go away in tweets?  No one really wants to know what you had for lunch.  Really not.  We do want to know what you thought about, or encountered, that might make a difference in the world.  As Twitter matures, more and more 'tweeters' will start abandoning the empty-headed, frankly juvenile 'novelty' use of the service, censuring those who abuse it, and will only follow people who constantly and consistently contribute innovative, quality, low-frequency insights and links.  Help be a part of the evolution and make Twitter into cyberspace's REAL all-encompassing instant, INTERACTIVE news and information service.  (Although I suspect there will always be celebrities feeding the need for worship at a micro-level!)
  10. Media News point to a horrific 2010 ATL decline. $ will shift to online + what other ancient medium?  We live in "The Experience Economy" (and have done so for over a decade!), we collect experiences, we have a single memorable encounter with a product that addresses our needs and we become loyal for life.  Online/digital/social/interactive/mobile are all perfectly lovely emerging media channels and will eventually earn their fair share of spending, but the real core of any successful brand is going to be consumers' first real exposure/experience with the product in their daily lives, and the secret to that is (link to post:) experiential, face-to-face, buyer to seller (like humans have interacted in marketplaces since the dawn of our existence), marketing efforts.
  11. Micro-payments might help revive newspapers’ biz model, but would another subscription-style model?  Let's face it, the attempt to put an off-line business model of each individual paper/publisher charging hundreds of dollars a year for access to each of their archives is cost-prohibitive for the average reader, ESPECIALLY given that access was free for some time.  As soon as one service gets set up successfully to (link to post:) charge us each $39/month for access to hundreds of archives, then arranges micro-payments to each publisher by tracking what I accessed, everyone will win.
  12. The growing global obesity challenge won’t go away until what change is forced upon marketers? As long as marketers (manufacturers) are free to tap into human beings' innate tendency to become addicted to sugar, fat and salt, along with our desire for 'convenience', the majority of consumers will not be able to resist their product offers and obesity levels will continue to climb.  We're just not that good at being rationale, thinking long-term and using willpower.  The driving force behind today's increasing obesity problem is not even human's inclination to become addicted to tasty stuff, it's our innate tendency to want to get rich quick -- (link to post:) driving manufacturers to push products that clearly harm our species health without regulation or ethical restraint.

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