Sunday, 18 October 2009

Apple's "iTablet" Will Usher in the Age of the New Marketing Model

Some time back I put up a video on my personal blog that presaged the development of the "iTablet" by Apple. Daniel Lyons now has a post on about it ("it" does not exist that we know of for certain, but it is the next natural step for Apple to take) and there are some very simple, but impactful insights he offers up:
"These devices will play video and music and, of course, display text; they will let you navigate by touching your fingers to the screen; and—this is most important—they will be connected to the Internet at all times. For those of us who carry iPhones, this shift to a persistent Internet has already happened, and it's really profound. The Internet is no longer a destination, someplace you "go to." You don't "get on the Internet." You're always on it. It's just there, like the air you breathe. This device is also your TV, your stereo, and probably your telephone too."
Read Dan's short article, it's speaks to your future, and mine. What it says is "STOP trying to put pre-internet marketing effort online and open your minds to the new possibilities." That's all Hulu and YouTube are -- broadcast TV models whacked onto the Internet. They're really not anything revolutionary, they're just tactical efforts that 'legacy media' folks can kind of wrap their heads around.

Maybe you can't do imagine what the new marketing can look like, maybe I can't either, but there's someone out there who will, and soon.

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