Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Future Now: Your Marketing Efforts Just Went Global - Google Wave Demo Edited to 10 mins.

Interesting that the launch of Google Wave, developed by the Google Map creators, got a standing ovation from cynical fellow developers -- with laptops and mobiles being shaken in the air over their heads -- at the end of the demo.  Makes it almost seem like something every marketer should be trying to wrap their heads around!
The second loudest reaction was to something relatively small: "
real-time translation", that's in real-time typing, to be clear.  REAL-TIME MULTI-LANGUAGE TRANSLATION.  The world is changing as we sleep, and your marketing efforts just became not America- or Canada- or Britain-wide, nor North-American or English-speaking world or developed-world, but global, in real-time. (And this is barely, in our Anglo-US-centric world, getting any notice...)
Ponder the implications of what that means to "pull marketing"... Now, as the newly empowered consumer reacts/blogs/chats about brands, people in every country of the world can read/watch/hear/understand what they are saying.  That is a really big deal with implications I can't fully fathom.  

When you combine this with relatively ubiquitous, but so-far under-recognized technology, like Bluetooth wireless projection glasses that allow movies stored on micro-chips in mobile phones to play in "IMAX" size anywhere, Super 3G wireless transmission enabling full movies to download to your phone in seconds and sites like Hulu et al broadcasting TV on the WWW (link), you realize that we've already evolved PAST the tipping point. Apple's iTablet will only bring about the AHA! moment of recognition of this reality to the masses.

A simpler description of Google Wave:  

A few Wave features:  

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