Wednesday, 7 October 2009

TV Ads Aren't Going Away, They'll Just "Fragment" From a Single :30 to Many Versions on Many Media Channels

Some of you have read me going on about the future of marketing and have dropped me into the "TV advertising is dead" camp.  I beg to differ.  My point has always been that it is merely repetition/frequency that is dead, video advertising (as opposed to the single channel-specific "broadcast TV") is going to enjoy a long and prosperous life.  This study in this article on MediaPost backs this notion up with statistics on effectiveness/impact (link):

My point is that what the future of advertising/marketing holds for the 'seers', the visionaries who get it, is that we'll have to be generating not a single 30 second ad, but an unlimited variation of a campaign's ads, ranging from 1 second edits to 10 minute advertorials/stories/films, and each of these in 20 versions for different micro-targets on multiple, plus all the other static 2-D, (3-D?), and audio versions to run in other media within each brand's mix.  Sure, this will mean LOTS more work for the Creatives, who used to supervise the production of a single, or set, of storyboards, but they were spending too much time down in the pub anyway!  ;-)

This is a big change in our industry's modus operandi -- but if enough people understand and embrace it (Apple and Lee Clow are pretty much the only ones leading the way), there will be a lot less bleeding in the agency business and a smoother transition to the new marketing model.

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