Thursday, 1 October 2009

"Legacy Media" Guys Speak to Addressability, but Forget About the Death of Frequency

Todd Juenger of Jack Myers' MediaBizBloggers is talking addressability on broadcast TV, but he's still speaking like a "legacy media" guy.  I think what's being missed is the fact that no one wants or needs to watch the same ad more than once or twice.  My comment:

Todd, I like what you have to say (most of the time!), but sometimes (as it the case with shifting from demo- to psychographic targeting) to find a solution to a fundamental problem, the first thing that is necessary is looking at the issue from a radically different point of view.

In this case, the entire argument over whether or not viewers will zap through ads on DVRs, whether the ads are delivered to them in a highly addressable way or not, goes away once we accept what the internet has demonstrated to the marketing world: The Death of Frequency.

If viewers begin to understand they are only going to have to sit through any given ad once or twice, versus have it served up ad infinitum, the likelihood of zapping drops dramatically. (I actually enjoyed the Cadbury 'eyebrow dance' spot the first two times!) The only major advertiser embracing this insight at the moment is Apple.

Dramatically reduce frequency, improve hyper/microtargeting through addressability, and increase production budgets to create many more versions of ads and you have a solution to our industry's major stumbling block. But that's just my opinion!   

Link to:  The Death of Frequency

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