Monday, 2 November 2009

The More Marketing Changes, The More it Stays The Same

"The more things change, the more they stay the same" comes to mind in reading Bob and Allen's insights into what really works in marketing, whether we're talking about yesterday or tomorrow.

Link to their article in today's MediaPost: "RAM: Selling into the New Frugality"

As an advocate of 'embracing change' I'm always pointing out that 'emerging media' aren't all that mysterious and challenging, they're just new channels that require us to adapt our 'messaging'. No matter how new the technology might be, human nature hasn't changed in any way since the dawn of 'branding' (the stone age chieftan wearing a rare shell necklace as a status symbol), people all are still attracted and motivated by "promotional strategies that marry the concepts of prize, reward, loyalty and incentives". 

What's most interesting to me is that there is still so little excitement or 'buzz' around the natural conclusion of where all this talk leads. In the article the authors say "What we must do is sell to customers for a lifetime," and they point out that "what direct-marketing campaigns have long prized: lifetime customer value," but then they speak mainly about using standard promotional media, yet the single strongest way to build lifetime loyalty is engaging any consumer one-on-one via a product demonstration that is impactful, informative and memorable. The only medium to do that effectively is experiential marketing. Yes, 100 times more expensive on a cost per consumer contact basis, but 1,000 times more effective.

 If you like the MediaPost article, read today's WARC post titled (link) "Agencies Must Adapt to Lean Marketing" speaking to Kimberly-Clark's CMO's strategy.

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