Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Narrowing of Reach

Comment to Ed Castillo's POV on MediaBizBloggers: "Strategy is Sacrifice"

Ed, succinctly put, although your point of view flies in the face of the status quo 'push marketing' model we all grew up with.

What you're really speaking to, and it is a earth-shaking change for our industry, is that The Death of Frequency has brought about the corresponding narrowing of reach. What I mean is that with less repetition of our messages being demanded by consumers, we need to sacrifice broad reach (increase TOM awareness, trial and loyalty with all women 18-79) for narrow niche targets that a brand 'owns' in a much deeper way than we've attempted to do in the past.

"Pull marketing" requires a very profound, though simple, shift in our strategic approach to marketing efforts.

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