Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What We Need In Online Video Channels is LOTS More Ads, According to This Guy

OK, I know it's the job of "legacy media' folks to try to protect their industry and continue telling the "Broadcast Barons" what they want to hear, but this post had me apoplectic with shock.  It's worth logging on to just to read it: A Suit With a View: Web Video's Lower Ad Load Is Unsustainable - Jonathan Bokor - MediaBizBloggers

Here's a bit of his thinking from the article:
"In order to avoid undermining their entire business, broadcast networks must begin to equalize the differential in revenue per view between online and TV, and by necessity that means they must increase the number of ads online. Luckily for the networks, nobody knows how to do that better than them, since they've been at it since the early days of television. If done gradually, most viewers will grumble and complain, but continue to watch." 
Excuse me, Jonathan, but what?!?

People never wanted to watch advertisers repeat the same ad 2,000 times. Never. As soon as they got remotes, DVRs and the Internet they demonstrated they WOULD NOT. That model is dead and gone. The Internet brought about The Death of Frequency (link). You sound like you could have been a consultant to the railway barons of old, encouraging them to stay in their mansions and raise prices while ignoring those pesky things called automobiles and trucks.

We need to embrace the change that has arrived and work around it, not encourage the “push marketing model” that consumers have soundly and summarily rejected.

The same marketing dollars will continue to be injected into the economy in coming years, but it won’t be going into TV advertising via the old 16 minutes of ads per hour model. Think about that ratio, for heaven’s sake! We were forcing people to give up 26% of their viewing time to watch our ads over and over and over and over and over — THAT was "unsustainable"! People will never tolerate that model — they never did, they changed the channel or walked away.

Good luck with this strategy -- I'm sure it's exactly what the "Broadcast Barons" want to hear.

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