Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wow. Ashton Kutcher et al Might Just Have Done It...

Comment on Fast Company to Ellen McGirt's piece on Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Media mash-up, a social media effort that is making money.

What needs to be recognized here is the pragmatism that some, very few, actually, of the members of Kutcher's generation possess. What we're seeing ad infinitum is not just what he speaks to in saying "...and they say, 'I'm not worried about monetization yet,' that scares the shit out of me," but that this particular guy has always been about the monetization (via fame/personal brand-building). He's like a Madonna, always chasing the next thing that people are going to pay money for. That stands in direct contrast to the tail-end "Gen X'ers" and fledgling "Millennials" entering the workforce or just now beginning to enter middle-management. Due to the human failings we're all prey to, they were brought up being 'special' to the point where making money isn't anywhere near as important as self-fulfillment, or self-aggrandizement (their tendency to believe everyone, including the C-Suite, are entitled to their worldly opinions). This is a group who is currently touring the world, writing books and speaking to each other at literally THOUSANDS of 'conferences' touting "SOCIAL MARKETING," a discipline that, by its own definition, being 'social,' is not a marketing-appropriate medium any more than telemarketing's intrusion on our personal space via a social medium is. This vast posse of self-back-patting "social media as the second coming" enthusiasts, evangelists and advocates are touting the shift of a VERY significant slice of media mix dollars to a realm that has ZERO demonstrable ROI (not that I'm against experimentation or investing in media that can't prove ROI -- TV never would have survived had demonstrable ROI been demanded of it). The point is that, by experimenting himself and carefully researching and innovating within not just one tactic, but looking for viable ways to provide advertisers like Nestle, Pepsi and Kellogg with real value (not just impressions, but strategically on-brand-message entertaining content). Katalyst is doing what NO ONE, especially not HULU, has done, create a cross-platform mash-up that is actually working to create "Marketing 3.0," much more than the mere evolutionary step that was "Marketing 2.0": the shift from push to pull, from telling to listening and engaging. This is a very big deal. Kudos to a guy who is visionary enough to keep thinking, working and experimenting until he can make everyone money in the process. Banging the Drum on a Single Media Tactic Won't Work post: http://tinyurl.com/yhlllte

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