Friday, 12 February 2010

ANOTHER Step Closer to Marketing's Holy Grail as Traditional 'Push' TV Ad's Fade Away

Comment on AdAge to Brian Steinberg's article on product placement: "Don't Like Product Placement? Here's Why It's Your Fault"

Let's face it, the old 'push' advertising model died with the proliferation of the web. People never wanted it in the first place, it was just convenient for us. The WWW brought about "The Death of Frequency" (link).

What is coming next is what has been our "Holy Grail" since the Palm Pilot came out: fully addressable advertising. No, NOT LBS coupons delivered to your mobile phone, but what some of the commenters above touch upon: seeing ads on my iPad that are relevant to me, for products I like, I want, and I never have to see the ads twice. Google and Apple are about to deliver the Grail to us, it's about another 2 years out, but they've been working on it for so long and the wireless/software technology is so advanced that it's now very close.

What about privacy issues!?! Privacy issues vanish when you target today's youth and when they demonstrate to the old folks that they'll never see any ads but the ones they really are interested in (and never more than they want to watch them). My post with how to deliver it tomorrow: The Holy Grail.

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