Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Step Closer to The Grail: The Tidal Wave of Digital Behavioural Data

Comment to Tom Cunniff's post on MediaBizBloggers: "The Content Glut: Why It Stinks To Be "King""

Tom, great insight into what's coming down the pipe!

In a comment to one of Charlie Warner's posts here I spoke to your points #3 and 5 and predicted wholesale bankruptcies for many, if not most, of the ancient suppliers/aggregators of news content, city-based newspapers. The WWW killed their geographically-based business model (the physical printing and distribution of newsprint).

 All those journalists will have to find new careers as we just don't need them all anymore. Even the rise of local sources for local advertising (mobile LBS will deliver this) will never save all those competing/overlapping city-based papers.

What you are getting at, at the core of your piece, however, as Neeraj touches upon, "the future is dressed in data," is that agencies and their clients are going to require the services of very smart, analytical data miners and insight-generators more than ever before. The ad agencies have been floundering of late, flopping around out of water as their traditional business model dries up, yet there's a very wet tidal wave washing over us all at the moment, a wave of digital data that points to marketing's holy grail, fully addressable advertising.

The later is NOT LBS on mobile phones, although that is a step in it's evolution, it is really about each mass-market ad-hating consumer WELCOMING new ads onto their iPads because they only get fed ads that speak to their interests, quirks and immediate needs. That day is coming soon, as I first posted about a year ago: Advertising's Holy Grail, Part One

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