Tuesday, 7 December 2010

WikiLeaks' Assange has (Virtually) Killed the Internet's Open Policy Overnight

Wikileaks' Assange has, in a few months, done more to ensure the lockdown on Web 2.0 than any other person in the history of the Internet, yet Assange's motivation in doing so was the same as any Bit Torrent file sharer: it's open, free, unregulated and if I can do something, I will.  (The latter is the reason we have laws to govern our least empathetic, ethical brethren.)

Well the pipeline that we are ALL using for Internet access is owned by the same companies that own the movie and music copyrights (the majority of shares in all these firms is held by a very wealthy, small percentage of the population), and the Republicans passed a bill allowing corporations to give as much money to US political campaigns as they like.  How long did you think it was going to take before they put an end to 'free'?  

But Assange has managed to convince governments worldwide to cooperate and take immediate action to make fundamental changes to the way the Internet and the World Wide Web of databases and networks function.  It took a common threat to make this happen.  

Dumbass.  Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you should.  Expect cooperation on shutting down the underpinnings of Bit Torrent to be the next natural outcome.

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