Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Media Helps Humans Spread Irrational Panic

Comment on an online MIT Tech Review article about the 'knee-jerk' impact of Japan's post-quake/tsunami/aftershocks nuclear disaster: Fukushima's Spreading Impact

I'd think, of all the publications out there, that MIT would try to throw a wet blanket on irrational panic amongst the masses.

Japan's ocean-front nuclear plant faced what can only be called 'a perfect storm' of physical challenges:
  1. One of the 5 biggest quakes in the past 2 centuries knocking out failsafe #1, 
  2. A TEN METER tall tsunami taking out failsafe #2, 
  3. Massive and ongoing aftershocks taking out failsafe #3. 
Please tell me, outside of California's plant, which is also on a major tectonic plate convergence and is ocean-side, where else there's a nuclear plant facing this kind of perfect storm of factors?

This particular disaster has NO IMPACT on the world's nuclear plants. NONE. Yes, they need to review the results and evaluate their failsafes, but almost all are based inland, away from major fault lines.

It always amazes me when the not-so-smart masses and the media that feeds them whips up panic over irrelvant incidents. (Kids in the developed world can't play in the streets anymore because a one in a million chance of a paedophile might happen along.)

Life's risky, get over it.  Learn, adapt and move on.

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