Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Our Collective Experiment on the Minds of Children

The ad for Molson Canadian beer that the clip below is from apparently (according to HuffPost) got a lot of play on the Internet around February of 2013 before it vanished forever (not clear if this had anything to do with this post I wrote...).  The ad leveraged our human instinct to feel "special" (nationalistic) about our Canadian tribe, but it strangely has this tiny clip in it of two girls kissing underwater:

So what's so interesting about that? The target is young males, in Canada and abroad and, having worked on beer ads for many years, I can replay the creative/account team's pitch to the breweries senior management:
"You see, we know that young guys grow up on hard-core porn online these days, gentlemen, and, let's face it, guys LOVE the idea of girl-on-girl sex and 'three-ways' with two girls, so we have to put in a shot of two girls making out to 'push that hot button'! Hey, if anyone complains we'll say it's a shout-out to the lesbian/gay community!"
Well here's the thing, that little snippet thrown in there has NOTHING to do with LGBT-friendliness.  It has EVERYTHING to do with female exploitation.

Readers of my stuff know that I have an issue with marketers leveraging our baser human instincts to sell shit (despite having built a career upon it, I think there's room for exercising moral judgement in corporate decision making).  Yes, I came up through the age of ardent feminism and bear the scars, but exactly the opposite social undercurrent is happening today, aided by two key things:
  1. The fact that there are sufficient checks and balances in place in today's educational system and workplace that give most young women fairly equal opportunity, so the pressure to be 'on-guard' about equality and 'fight for it' has largely disappeared.  
  2. Online pornography is free, highly stimulating at an instinctual level, simple to access, and kids are both curious and dare each other to watch things that most adults would turn off in disgust.  Watching porn has become a 'right of passage' for today's kids (yes, even your kids!).
Why are these two points so salient?  Because:
  1. A large enough body of research to have educated us that there are very REAL differences between men and women that have nothing to do with 'nurture' and everything to do with 'nature'.  There are good reasons why most women aren't interested in going into engineering or politics and will become stay-at-home mom's with great enthusiasm if they get the opportunity.  The 'bonding hormone' oxytocin is addictive -- it's impossible for either sex to resist the effects of it.
  2. Study has proven that the human brain lays down it's life-long neural pathways through the teen years, only fully forming the complex connections that enable the ability to understand the long term consequences of short term actions at 25.   This means that, without the censorship previous generations had that kept hardcore pornography away from us until we were in at least our late teens, today's young kids are literally immersed in it.  This 'familiarity' during a time that permanent neural connections are being formed breeds a conviction that 'the new normal' is for girls to give boys what, apparently (judging by the bulk of the pornography they are exposed to), they want most: instantaneous female arousal without any romantic foreplay, girl on girl, two girls on one guy, deep-throating, lots of slapping, etc.
This is combined with a very serious underlying sense of 'entitlement' that comes NOT from their parents/family environment (no matter how liberal or conservative it is), but rather from the sum of all the shows, movies, songs and cultural stimulation they are exposed to everywhere (the World Wide Web is a very big place!).

What we're seeing in young women today is a disturbing 'sexualization' at a very young age that leads them to 'dare each other' to adhere to the 'new normal': wearing platform high-heels designed to rotate the pelvis forward and buttocks out, hemlines that are so short their private parts are on display, and


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